Roam, the new sexcare brand, had a hard challenge - they wanted to transform the shopping experience for sexcare from awkward and confusing to smooth and empowering. We blended design, usability, and a dash of sexy to shake things up.

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What we did
  • Website Design
  • Website Development
  • Digital Strategy
  • Packaging Design and more

First, let’s talk sex. Sex is all about the experience, and shopping for it shouldn't feel like a supermarket sweep. We carefully constructed Roam's UX to guide users to the perfect products based on what kind of night they had in mind. With Unlimited, Roam tasked us with social posts, OOH ads, and more.

And guess what? We got hot outside of digital, too. Roam needed packaging for their toys. With seductive silhouettes showcasing the goods inside to scale, customers know exactly what they’re getting, whether they're shopping online or in-store. Elegant and easy-to-shop.

“Continue to be incredibly impressed with the team at HeyHiHello.

“Equally charming and intelligent, they attack each project with diligence, pragmatism and have undoubted know-how. Was recommended HeyHiHello by another founding team and feel in very capable expert hands. In a short period of time they have whipped us into shape for which we remain grateful and will continue to work collaboratively with them.”

Alex Griffiths, Co-founder @ Roam

Changing sexcare perceptions

But still, sexcare shopping had a stereotype of happening in dark sex shops, as quickly as possible. So, we turned the luxurious factor up to eleven. Roam's site has smooth animations and soft imagery, turning shopping into an experience you want to last. Everyone’s taste is different. We designed and built a tailored quiz for Roam that's the ultimate matchmaker, guiding customers to the products that matches their desire.

Shopping for sexcare has never felt so hot 🔥

Together, HeyHiHello and Roam turned up the temperature, revolutionizing the sexcare shopping experience from drab to fab.

Touched, everywhere.

Roam was about creating an accessible and educational destination across all deliverables, for a modern audience, that breaks barriers with taste whilst turning up the heat.