Meet Nuuds, a rising startup in the fashion world. When they came to us, they had a big vision held back by a sluggish Shopify site.

First order of business? Shifting Nuuds from their old Shopify setup to a slicker, headless CMS – Storyblok. This change didn't just make things look better, it put Nuuds firmly in the driver’s seat of their online space.

After mirroring their live site, our focus shifted to curating Version 2.0: a sleek, mobile-first design reflecting the beauty and simplicity of Nuuds’ apparel line. This wasn’t just about aesthetics; it was about weaving Nuuds’ brand essence into every digital thread.

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What we did
  • CMS Migration
  • Website design
  • Development

Empowering Nuuds

We wanted Nuuds to have freedom. So our build focused on ensuring they had autonomy to run without us.

Dynamic design

Empowering the Nuuds team to refresh product listings or rework the site's aesthetics without any external assistance.

Exclusive access

Crafting password-protected sections they could turn on at any time, for special product drops, helping them reward their community.

Rapid restyling

Enabling on-the-fly colour customisation of the entire site – perfect for new collections, events, or impactful drops.

Speed meets style

We made sure the site wasn't just pretty; it was lightning-fast.

Handling hybrid

Static for sheer speed, with real-time updates for essentials like stock levels. The outcome? A fluid, swift user experience unmatched by standard Shopify setups.

Launch fast

Our platform's robustness and flexibility facilitated Nuuds in unveiling an entirely new sister brand (Tones) within a mere net span of 10 days.

Personal touch

Integrating API-level personalization, we crafted a shopping environment that not only knew the user but suggested clothes that best fit their shopping choices.

Tidy CMS

Juggling a headless site, a CMS, and an e-commerce backend can be a mess. But we set things up so Nuuds can manage their site effortlessly, without any data headaches.

"Working with the HHH team has been amazing. Everything the team delivers is excellent. Their communication is amazing.

They perform at the highest level whether it’s web design, web development, brand conception, package development or even random ad-hoc requests. They work with us at every step, take ownership of tasks and invest their time to make it amazing.If other brands knew their level of expertise, execution and dedication, they would have an endless line of clients. I am so thankful for what we have been able to create together and can’t wait to see what the future holds for us in our partnership with them!"

Rob Fletcher, Co-founder @ Nuuds

Looking backwards (and forwards)

Working with Nuuds has been like watching a close friend step into the limelight and totally rock it! We didn’t just spruce up a website; we gave them the tools to grow and fly. Now, they're all set to scale and match any demand that comes their way. It's genuinely heartwarming to be more than just a service provider – to be true partners. Here's to Nuuds and all the shared highs we'll experience together!