When we first met Peony, the founder behind Jude, she was on a mission to shake the foundations of a taboo subject in Britain - incontinence. And guess what? We were by her side from Day 1.

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What we did
  • Website Design
  • Website Development
  • Digital Strategy
  • Packaging Design and more

Right out of the gate, we crafted Jude's digital experience. Helping Jude launch landing pages, hundreds of ads and experiments to validate their strategy, all while building a community of early adopters who were turning into avid brand evangelists.We touched every aspect of Jude, from designing their packaging and eCRM. Setting a high design standard from the start.

£2m in pre-seed funding

Peony, went on to raise £2m in pre-seed funding. As the largest round for a solo female founder in the UK, this was the kind of power move that put Jude on the map.

“Heyhihello is probably one of the best partner you could have to kickstart your D2C business

They don’t just have an eye for design, but they built everything for it to scale. They know the latest suite of toolkit you need to start and scale your D2C business. It’s rare to find an agency who understand what it really meant by MVP approach, yet deliver the best quality within the constraints a business has. We are incredibly lucky to have HeyHiHello working every weekend and night so we can launch on time.

Professional, friendly, go above and beyond, Heyhihello exceeds all of my expectations, and it’s Jude’s not-so-secret secret.”

Peony, Founder of Jude

Older audiences need clear UX

With a mostly older audience, it was essential our UX was crystal clear. User testing and countless conversations armed us with the knowledge to make checkout effortless with the launch of Jude’s D2C site. But, that was just the start of the story, ever since, we’ve iterated non-stop on making it perform better.

Every brand touchpoint

Jude wasn’t just about digital, though. Together, we bought Jude to the physical world. From a full newspaper (“The Leaky Times”), Bladdercare Handbook and wee diary.

HeyHiHello + Jude = A match made to change the world, one design at a time.

So, when we say we’ve been partners with Jude since the inception, we mean it - from pixels to print, we've been through it all together.